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If you would like to commission a work of art for yourself or your client please contact me at .
I work with you to deliver a quality piece of art produced with archival quality materials and processes.
I put commissioned work ahead of all other projects in order to deliver a beautiful piece of art while meeting time deadlines.

Whether studio or plein air, I work directly with the you to insure my painting meets your expectations.  I give you and your art the one on one attention that is needed.

Interior Designers:
I work directly with you and your client.  I deliver a seamless extension of your services and provide custom work within your budget and deadlines.
Pricing is based on size, materials, and complexity of the piece of commissioned work. 
Typically I will work up several pieces for you and your customer and get the customer's feedback to insure their satisfaction.  Through this communication process I am able to meet and exceed expectations.