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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black Star Canyon Road

This painting is in the Cleveland National Forest.  I had been searching for out of the way places to paint that were near my house.  What I did was zero in on the area around my house using google maps.  I found this road that went up into the heart of the Cleveland National Forest that had easy public access.  So I got in the car and 20 minutes later I was hiking up Black Star Canyon Road.  The area had been surveyed in the 30's.  I found one of the national survey spikes while hiking.  It was really interesting to see that people were still living on this isolated road.  I could not see any signs of electrical power or running water.  There were a number of abondoned homes and vehicles in various states of decompostion.  There were also a number of cattle ranches along the road.  Some of the views were amazing.  You quickly got the feeling you were a lot further away from the suburbs than you actually were.  This painting was a success for me in 2 areas.  I thought I got the contrast right and I liked the outcome of the ariel perspective.  These have been a couple of areas of focus for me for the last couple of months.  Village Art Center Art Walk 11/9-2/10 & 11/10-3/11.  This painting also showed at the In the Light of Day show at the Brea Gallery from 8/6/11-9/16/11.