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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sycamores and Oaks

                                                                      This is my last in a series of Sycamore paintings for the time being.  This painting is from the Laguna Wilderness Park a couple of miles from the Pacific Ocean.  This painting was from an early Fall afternoon.  The hazy blue skies increased the aerial perspective in this piece.  The trees in the background are California Oaks.  My next series of paintings will be on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.  I am going to continue my search for great Sycamore landscape compositions.  Another series of paintings I am considering is a focus on the Coyotee Hills.  This area is protected by the Chino Hills Park.  These hills still support drilling for oil in some areas.  These rolling hills are about 20 miles in length and at its widest point 5 miles.  They run into the Cleveland National Forest.  The shapes of the hills and the colors of the shadows at different times of day have caught my attention for some time.