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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hills into Mountains

This oil painting measures 24"X48".  This painting has so much impasto paint that it was impossible to not have the glare come off of the painting.  This location is right across from Tom's Farm.  The atmospheric conditions going back into the hills and mountains is amazing in that no two days seem the same.

Everyone coming out to paint

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The Wash

Little Corona Del Mar in the Fog

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Inspiration Point

This plein air pastel is done on masonite measuring 24"X36".  The board was treated with a mixture of pumice gel and shmaltz hue which is very transparent.  You can see the color of the board in the lower left hand corner.  There is a grand rock in the foreground that I was not ready to paint so I adjusted the composition so I would not get stuck.  One of the challenges on this day was the quickly changing weather.  When I got there it was sunny and clear but as soon as I set up the weather was already becoming cloudy and windy.

Last Week in Painting ( a couple of months ago )

Late Start at Heisler

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