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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orange Grove by Bryant's Ranch

It rained the night before, so the light was amazing.

My sketch is about establishing the composition.  The values and the colors are never the issue.  It is about making sure what I want in the painting fits in the painting.
Here is my set up along the bicycle path as I prepare to start my painting.

Orange Grove by Bryant's Ranch

I started by quickly filling the surface with the basic composition. I made a point to not start working on any of the details or highlights.  My focus was to keep painting as long as I can.

The clouds were what I meant to paint because they were so interesting looking today.  I painted them first because there is no guarantee that they will be looking good by the time you get around to painting them.
The orange grove is the other subject of the painting so I painted it next.

Orange Grove by Bryant's Ranch