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Artist Statement

As long as I can remember I have had a deep appreciation for the nature and the beauty around me.  This appreciation was nurtured by my mom, dad, and grandmother. 
Some of my earliest memories are of quiet woods at dusk, impossible turquoise and pink sunsets, and the purple and blue shadows in the snow.
My artistic expression has followed my love of nature. It has always been there as an outlet for my feelings.  I am a painter of landscapes that seeks to imbue my paintings with the emotional connection I feel for the particular time and place.
My love of nature and painting has reached the logical conclusion-plein air painting.  I use the immeadiate experience of my plein air painting to inform my studio work.
The artistic vision I have of nature is that it is the purest form of beauty there is.  We all must appreciate what we have or we will make decisions that will continue to spoil what has taken thousands of years to create.  My art seeks to be a reminder of the importance of beauty in our lives.