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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oak Tree Shadows in Caspers Park

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This painting is done on pastel card with soft pastels and measures 22"x28".  One of the big cattle ranches in Orange County turned into a park: Caspers Park is full of old oaks and sycamore trees.  The amazing light coming through the branches and the contrasting shadows underneath were what drew me to this subject.  I think a better communication of the vibrant light coming through the branches was needed.  This I think will be a really great subject for an oil painting further down the line.  I think I will also try this again as a pastel  at some point.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tree Along the Road

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This painting is done with soft pastel on pastel card and measures 23"x29".  This painting is from a hike I took around last December in the Chino Hills State Park.  I really liked the atmospheric perspective in this painting as well as the values and color.  I wished I had done more with the tree and the large hills in the background.  I really connected with the scene and will paint this again in the future.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Field in August

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This painting is done on pastel card with a variety of soft pastels and measures 29"x22".  This painting is done from a hike through the Chino Hills State Park behind the Green River Golf Course.  It was a blazing late summer morning.  This Sycamore tree stands over the gate entering the park from the south.  This painting is currently showing at the Village Art Center in Fullerton.  My show opened on 11/5/2010 and is a group show.  It will run through the end of December.  Village Art Center Art Walk 11/10-3/11.  This painting was shown at the Brea Gallery in The Light of Day show from 8/6/11-9/16/11.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chino Hills Sycamore in Winter

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This painting measures 19.5"x26" and is done on pastel card. This will be one of my paintings at the Fullerton Village Art Center Gallery starting Friday the 5th of November and running through December.  For me this painting represents some growth and progress as an artist.  Just like in sports for me there are times when I am in the zone.  This painting and several others around this time were paintings that seemed to step up the quality of the work I do to another level.  The key is working to stay in that zone. Village Art Center Art Walk 11/10-3/11