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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Art Goals 2024

 -Finish website X

-30 photo realistic graphite drawings.

-Enter 30 events

-Complete studio makeover

-Redo business cards X

-Marketing 15 % of art time

-Figure prints out for drawings

-start known contests events early

-paint smaller plein air for best of plein air

-The art of Orange County

-Artichoke series

-Water / pool series

-Time lapse posting

-Learn new camera

-Organize completed art

-Redo Shirt X


-Note cards

-Underwater dog photography

-Small acrylic ink for shop 10 strong images

-Get setup for Back Bay Show

-Get name plate for wall

-July Muth hanging

-You tube channel

-Quadruple art income for year.

-Read 10 art books.

-Focus on increasing instagram following

-Increase painting skills in all media

-Begin painting pastels in  studio again

-Catalogue work

-Gallery representation X

-Bio for the backs of art

-Start painting with oils plein air.

-Review and update goals every 2 weeks

-Start Art Resume

-Start Newsletter

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Curatorial Review

Curatorial Review
At the end of 2023 I began to paint "small" paintings.  I had never really painted smaller that 24"x24".  After 40 years of painting large paintings I began the process of figuring out how to paint in a different way.  Larger paintings allowed me put in all the detail I wanted.  My first efforts at smaller paintings were unsatisfying.  I did not want to sacrifice the detail so I changed the way I painted.

The following paintings are examples of my recent direction

Last Gasp 6"x6" oil on gesso board.
Mountain Shadows 6"x6" oil on gesso board
Into the Canyon 8"x8" oil on canvas
Laguna Sunset 16"x12" oil on gesso board
How was I going to be able to get the detail I was looking for in a small painting without using really tiny brushes forever? Building the painting from light to dark.  This process is counter to everything I had learned and done as a painter for 40 years.
Layering progressively darker and darker values with thick paint and not  allowing the paint to dry enables me to workback into the lighter values by scraping away the darker values to get to the highlights.

The thick paint application allows for a significant increase in the amount of texture within the painting.  When I start subtracting that paint with a shaper the level of detail increases dramatically.

Irvine Park 12"x16" oil on gesso board
The following detail shots show the underlying detail created through my process

Irvine Park

Misty Morning in Irvine Park 16"x20" oil on gesso board
This shot allows you to move throughout the painting to see the mark making and texture created
The following are detail shots from within the painting.
The texture was achieved by my adoption of a new paint application technique.
Building the painting from the lightest values to the darkest.  Adding layer over layer without altering the color below.
Thick paint over thin paint.  Brush strokes pushing into the paint leaving lots of texture

The under painting focused on the lightest colors in each area to build upon.

The surface covered and ready for the build up.

The layering begins.  The interaction between addition and subtraction.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Laguna Sunset

Recently adopted some new techniques out of necessity. 
While painting some small paintings, I had to figure out how to build detail in a very small format 6"x6".

Usually I block in the dark values and work lighter and lighter. The highlights being the final touch.
In this technique I tone the canvas with the lightest colors in all areas.  This is counter to what I have learned throughout my painting experiences. 
Instead of building dark to light I am building light to dark.
This requires a change in the way I see the painting and the way I think about the painting process.
It is kind of like painting in watercolor. The idea of preserving the light areas of the painting.  It is more than that as well.
In this technique I put down layer after layer of thick paint.
In order to impose detail and expose more highlights I use color shapers.
I use the color shapers to push the paint and to subtract color to expose greater detail in the highlights.
This is my 7th painting using this technique.  I am sure I will refine this process.  It has really made me think more about what and how I build a painting.

 Laguna Sunset 16x12 oil on gesso board.